Books on Reiki written by Trevor Gollagher:

Reiki –A Gift from the Universe” 


  "From the Heart" 

Due for release in Jan 2002



Personal Details

 Name: Trevor Gollagher

Postal Address: PO Box 500 Carina Qld 4152 

Telephone/Fax: (07) 38496398 



Qualifications and Memberships 


Workshop Certification in the “Horstmann Technique”

The Horstmann Centre, Brisbane

25.12.98  ‘Vibrational Horstmann’
13.06.98 ‘Arm and Shoulder Release'
13.06.99 ‘Foot Release’
06.06.98 ‘Ileo/Sacral Release’
21.02.00 ‘Sabotage Release’
07.09.00 ‘Karmic Release’


“The Usui System of Reiki” Marianne Rink, Reiki Master Teacher

14.01.98 Certificate Reiki Master Teacher
13.04.96 Certificate Reiki Master


“The Usui System of Reiki” Sandra Daubney, Reiki Master Teacher

10.07.94 Certificate Reiki 3A
27.03.94  Certificate Reiki ‘Second Degree’
30.01.94 Certificate Reiki ‘First Degree’


PaRama School of Philosophy and Life Sciences USA

02.02.97 Certificate ‘Body Talk’- Basic Course


“Rigden Shide Association” Mili Tulku Rinpoche

1997 – Ongoing  Meditations, Tantric and Pranic Healing practises


A.S.T.R. School of Personal Growth and Healing Therapies

1997 Certificate ‘LEM’system
1997  Certificate ‘LEM’ Instuctor
2000 Certificate  ‘Deep Muscle Therapy


Australian College Natural Medicine

Aromatherapy Certificate IV – Clinical Arom atherapy

Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy (England) Gabriel Mojay

18.02.01 Advanced certificate – Aromatic Energetics 



Founder Reiki Link International
Member The Reiki Network (An International body of Traditional Reiki Teachers)
Member Rigden Shide Association
Member International Federation of Aroma Therapists
Application pending The Queensland Association of Massage Therapists Inc.


Career Overview – Natural Therapies 

Over the past 9 years of my involvement in Energy Healing and Natural Therapies, both here in Australia and Overseas, I have gained a variety of skills through participation in seminars and workshops, both theoretical and practical.

Since my graduation as a Reiki Master, I have conducted seminars Nationally as well as in England, Germany, Sweden and USA accumulating over 20,000 student contact hours lecturing and instructing in all levels of Reiki.

In 1996 I co-founded “The Australian School of Traditional Reiki” realizing my commitment to my students, offering comprehensive National recognized training with a high standard for each level. Our school is a V.E.T.E.C and A.N.T.A  accredited training organization.

I have also written numerous Course and Training Manuals and I am the developer and principal teacher of "A Path To Harmony" workshops and Energybody Therapy seminars.

Through my work with Reiki and also the Rigden Shide Assoc., I have gained much knowledge of ‘energy’ and how healing occurs which has led me to develop a healing system which I call ‘Energybody – Therapy’. I have incorporated this new therapy into my clinical practice with great results, especially in the area of stress management. Since July 2000 I have also been teaching this therapy. 

In September 1999 I was invited to Sweden to work with Energybody Therapy, Meditation and  Horstmann techniques.

My teaching has expanded since 1998 encompassing the LEM system as well as a variety of Meditation techniques. 

I have also been involved in raising public awareness of natural therapies, namely Reiki and Energy healing systems with numerous information lectures for many community groups. I also regularly write feature articles on Reiki for natural therapy magazines.

 As part of my commitment to my students, I conduct regular Reiki Group meetings and meditations evenings.

Over the past 5 years I have accumulated countless patient contact hours. I am  maintaining a ‘by appointment only’ clinic, offering a spectrum of my professional skills.

Since January 2001 I have also started conducting healing retreats covering numerous personal development and healing techniques mainly in and around my home city of Brisbane but as of 2002 will be conducting retreats in London as well as numerous other countries.

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